Soil accessories

The following accessories are available


Reference electrode (double junction)

Rugged and long lasting

3M KCl gel Ag|AgCl

3 meter cable

Probe length: 17.5 cm

Probe diameter: 1.4 cm


For reference electrode refilling

3 M KCl gel

100 ml

For > 30 refills

Including refilling syringe


Microporous polyethylene (MPPE) rings

5 pieces in a plastic bag

For SWAP reference electrode

Increased measurement stability

Reduced maintenance frequency


Multiplexer for SDI-12 soil Redox probes

8 positions (8 x female M8 connectors)

1-meter PUR cable with open wire ends

L:W:H = 21 cm: 3 cm: 5 cm



Multiplexer for SDI-12 soil Redox probes

2 positions (2 x female M8 connectors; 1 x male M8 connector)

L:W:H = 3.5 cm: 2.5 cm: 1 cm



MUX protective cap

For female M8

L:W:H = 1 cm: 1 cm: 1 cm


CEX-10; CEX-20; CEX-50

Extension PUR cable per 10, 20 or 50 meter

Male / female M8 connectors (IP67)

Weight: 0.3 kg (CEX-10), 0.5 kg (CEX-20) and 1.3 kg (CEX-50)

Custom lengths upon request


Female M8 connector

4 wires with open wire ends

Cable length: 0.5 meter

Connector is IP67


Female M8 connector

4 wires with open wire ends

Cable length: 1.5 meter

Connector is IP67

Banana jack

4 mm banana plug

Can be mounted on open wire ends of soil Redox probes

L:W:H = 5.5 cm: 1.5 cm: 1 cm

Adaptor: BNC to 2 x banana jack

Male BNC connector

2 x 4 mm banana jack

Can be connected to the Lutron YK-23RP ORP meter to connect soil Redox probes with banana jacks.

L:W:H = 6 cm: 3 cm: 2 cm

Feel free to request a pricelist!