Soil products

Soil Redox probes, handheld ORP (mV) meters, drill sets, accessories and upcoming products. Affordable high-quality products for your environmental research.

Soil redox probes

High-frequent analysis of Redox and temperature

12 standard versions (3 x SDI-12 and 9 x analog)

(Integrated) double-junction reference electrode

Custom-made probes upon request

Various outputs: analog (mV ORP) and SDI-12

ORP (mV) and/or temperature meters

Sophisticated handheld ORP (mV) and/or temperature meters

For our analog and digital (SDI-12) soil Redox probes

Robust water-resistant housing

Battery powered / field portable

Low power consumption

Drill set

Install Redox probes with minimal soil disturbance

Use our 50 or 100 cm long pre-drill probes

With anti-recoil hammer

Easy installation and retrieval

For the best monitoring results


Standalone double-junction reference electrode

Cable extensions

Electrolyte for reference electrode


Banana jacks

Upcoming products

pH sensor for soil pH analysis (SDI-12 and analog)

SWAP telemetric datalogger

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