Our one year anniversary

In November 2021, it was one year ago that our website went online. This was a nice occasion to look back at what we have achieved during our first year at SWAP instruments. The interest in our products was beyond expectation. Especially our custom-made probes are in high demand (55 % of all our probes sales). These dedicated probes are used in many high quality scientific studies. To meet the demand, we had to scale up production. We managed to do this succesfully, despite the Corona pandemic and shortages on the parts market (e.g., chips). Since it is foreseen that shortages will remain for a longer period of time, we advise our customers to order our products in time. This especially accounts for our custom-made probes (not on stock).

Feel free to contact us at info@swapinstruments.com for current prices and delivery times of our products.